Bacchus trivia, October 10, 2017

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Round 1

  1. What Japanese automaker’s name can be translated into English as “three diamonds”?
  2. Where in the human body would one find the only bone not connected by ligaments to any other bone?
    Neck (the hyoid bone, a.k.a. Adam’s apple)
  3. What sporting goods company is named after a type of antelope native to southern Africa?
  4. The title of the Rush song “YYZ” references what specific location?
    Toronto Pearson International Airport
  5. In describing coats of arms, a fess, a pale, and a bend are all particular types of what design element?
    Stripe (fess: horizontal; pale: vertical; bend: diagonal)
  6. What are the three main U.S. credit reporting agencies?
    • Equifax
    • Experian
    • TransUnion

Round 2

  1. The Bessemer process, patented in 1856, enabled the economical mass production of what commodity?
  2. Who holds the record for most guest appearances on The Simpsons with 52, the last of which originally aired in 1998?
    Phil Hartman
  3. In statistics, what is the term for the most commonly-found value in a data set?
  4. What English city’s residents are referred to colloquially as “Geordies”?
    Newcastle (upon Tyne)
  5. What term from music theory could also refer to an organized crime syndicate in China or Hong Kong?
  6. What are the ten countries in the world with four-letter names (as they are commonly referred to in English)?
    • Chad
    • Cuba
    • Fiji
    • Iran
    • Iraq
    • Laos
    • Mali
    • Oman
    • Peru
    • Togo

Round 3

Each answer consists entirely or in part of one of the 20 most common surnames in the 2010 U.S. Census (no surname is duplicated).

  1. Puritan co-founder of the state of Rhode Island
    Roger Williams
  2. U.S. subsidiary of the Hudson’s Bay Company
    Lord & Taylor
  3. State capital at the crossroads of I–20 and I–55
    Jackson, Mississippi
  4. Second-best-selling Ben & Jerry’s flavor in 2016
    Cherry Garcia
  5. 1999 NL Cy Young winner
    Randy Johnson
  6. 1999 AL Cy Young winner
    Pedro Martínez
  7. He completed his EGOT in 2014
    Robert Lopez
  8. Julia Child’s alma mater
    Smith College
  9. Subject of newsworthy custody battle in 2000
    Elián González
  10. Maker of novelty turkey-and-gravy-flavored soft drink
    Jones Soda
  11. Official supplier of NFL footballs
    Wilson Sporting Goods
  12. Creator of the Machete film franchise
    Robert Rodriguez
  13. “Law” describing increases in computer chip density
    Moore’s Law
  14. Children’s character created by the Rev. Wilbert Awdry
    Thomas the Tank Engine
  15. MLB player guest-starring in season 3 of Seinfeld
    Keith Hernandez
  16. Supreme Court case desegregating U.S. public schools
    Brown vs. Board of Education
  17. Infamous POW camp operated from 1864 to 1865
  18. Subject of 2002 South African corporate acquisition
    Miller Brewing Company
  19. World’s largest defense contractor
    Lockheed Martin
  20. Largest city in Yolo County, California

Round 4

  1. Announced alongside the five original Nobel Prizes each year is an award “in memory of Alfred Nobel” in what academic field?
  2. The Philip K. Dick short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” was adapted into what 1990 film?
    Total Recall
  3. The “Swiss water method” is used to produce what consumer product?
    Decaffeinated coffee
  4. What is the technical name for a pick used for playing guitars, mandolins, or other stringed instruments?
  5. What ancient Egyptian temple complex shares a name, although not a spelling, with a recurring character from Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show?
  6. At the four corners of Central Park in Manhattan are monuments to what four people?
    • Christopher Columbus
    • William Tecumseh Sherman
    • Duke Ellington
    • Frederick Douglass

Round 5

  1. The adoption of fuel injection in automotive engines made what other car part essentially obsolete?
  2. Weyland-Yutani is a fictional corporation featured in what film franchise?
  3. What is Canada’s second-smallest province, after Prince Edward Island?
    Nova Scotia
  4. While the honorific “Mahatma” is typically used when referring to Gandhi, what was his actual first name?
  5. What Las Vegas casino resort boasts the largest hotel in the United States, and second-largest in the world?
    The Venetian
  6. What piece of headwear shares its name with a battle from the Crimean War?

Final question (Category: Food)

What U.S. state has a distinctive barbecue style that features mutton rather than pork or beef?