Bacchus trivia, July 18, 2017

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Round 1

  1. In baseball, what type of pitch is delivered with as little spin on the ball as possible?
  2. The “Twelve-Mile Circle” forms part of the border between what two U.S. states?
    • Pennsylvania
    • Delaware
  3. A 1988 strike by the Writers Guild of America led to the creation of what Fox program that ran on the network for 25 seasons?
  4. What type of cotton fabric, originating in India and typically decorated with floral patterns, lends its name to an adjective meaning cheap or tacky?
  5. What are the highest and lowest frequencies allowed for AM radio stations in the United States, in kilohertz?
    • 1700 KHz
    • 530 KHz
  6. Name the three films whose soundtrack albums won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.
    • Saturday Night Fever (1979)
    • The Bodyguard (1994)
    • O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2002)

Round 2

  1. Which of the categories in the Academy Awards is the newest, being first awarded to films produced in 2001?
    Best Animated Feature
  2. What distinction is shared by these companies and fewer than two dozen others: Citigroup, Macy’s, Sprint, and Visa?
    Single-letter stock ticker symbols
  3. In Gothic architectural ornamentation, what feature does a gargoyle have that a grotesque does not?
    A waterspout
  4. What food item found at many pizzerias shares its name with a volcano off the north coast of Sicily?
  5. “Patience” and “Fortitude” are the nicknames of two sculptures located at what New York City location?
    Main branch of the New York Public Library
  6. Since 1967, the second has been officially defined based on the behavior of atoms of what chemical element?

Round 3

Name the category that each set of items belongs to.

  1. Acorn; Calabaza; Crookneck; Delicata
    Squash varieties
  2. Aftermath; Matador; Telstar; Warp
    Record labels
  3. Ajax; Benfica; Feyenoord; Juventus
    European soccer teams
  4. Annapurna; Incahuasi; Maipo; Popocatépetl
  5. Arches; Biscayne; Congaree; Pinnacles
    U.S. national parks
  6. Aspire; Galaxie; Granada; Torino
    Ford automobiles
  7. Baker; Hickenlooper; Inslee; Scott
    U.S. state governors
  8. Baldwin; Cortland; Envy; Jonathan
    Apple varieties
  9. Besalisk; Bothan; Gand; Zabrak
    Alien species in the Star Wars universe
  10. Boerboel; Briard; Papillon; Xoloitzcuintli
    Dog breeds
  11. Brown; Gideon; Griswold; Loving
    Plaintiffs in notable U.S. Supreme Court cases
  12. Camille; Ivan; Mitch; Rita
    Category 5 hurricanes
  13. Cantor; Galois; Hilbert; Riemann
  14. Cascabel; Datil; Mirasol; Mulato
    Chili pepper varieties
  15. Cepheus; Eridanus; Serpens; Triangulum
  16. Charlie; Clipper; Octopus; Ventra
    Public transit farecards
  17. Chessie; Hodag; Kelpie; Skookum
    Legendary/mythical creatures
  18. Chinook; Cobra; Merlin; Seahawk
  19. Colfax; Dallas; Garner; Stevenson
    U.S. Vice Presidents
  20. Cumberland; James; Sabine; Snake
    U.S. rivers
  21. Dart; Lua; Rust; Scala
    Programming languages
  22. Florian; Galba; Otho; Valens
    Roman emperors
  23. Lakmé; Norma; Salome; Wozzeck
  24. Laurier; Macdonald; Mackenzie; Pearson
    Canadian Prime Ministers
  25. Sky; Stars; Storm; Sun
    WNBA teams

Round 4

  1. The first known outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease was traced to bacterial contamination in what type of device?
    Air conditioner
  2. In 1949, what Broadway show, based on a Shakespeare comedy, won the first-ever Tony Award for Best Musical?
    Kiss Me, Kate
  3. In the event of a forfeit in Major League Baseball, what final score is officially recorded?
  4. From its independence from the British Empire until 1971, the country of Pakistan included what present-day country in addition to its current territory?
  5. What are the two main chemical elements that make up ordinary glass found in windowpanes, bottles, and drinking glasses?
    • Silicon
    • Oxygen
  6. Among the top ten most common surnames from the 2010 U.S. Census, what three Hispanic surnames appear?
    • Garcia (#6)
    • Rodriguez (#9)
    • Martinez (#10)

Round 5

  1. What faux fraternity nickname was given to the University of Houston men’s basketball program in the early 1980s, for their style of above-the-rim play?
    Phi Slama Jama
  2. What former Soviet republic was historically referred to in English as “White Russia”?
  3. What Nestlé product is frequently given as a good-luck gift in Japan, since its name sounds like a Japanese phrase meaning “surely win”?
  4. Prior to Bob Dylan in 2016, who was the last American to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature?
    Toni Morrison (1993)
  5. What film production studio’s logo features the Latin motto “Ars Gratia Artis”, or “Art for Art’s Sake”?
    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios
  6. What is the only U.S. state whose entire eastern and western borders are formed by rivers?

Final question (Category: Food)

A croque-monsieur sandwich may be turned into a croque-madame by adding what topping?
Fried/poached egg