Bacchus trivia, March 29, 2016

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Round 1

  1. In physics, what letter of the alphabet is generally used to represent the speed of light?
  2. What position player in what sport would wear what are known colloquially as “the tools of ignorance”?
    Catcher, in baseball
  3. Among living film directors, who has the most Oscar nominations for Best Director, with eight?
    Martin Scorsese
  4. What does “Necco” (the company that manufactures, among other candies, Necco Wafers) stand for?
    New England Confectionery Company
  5. The Louisiana State Penitentiary is nicknamed after what African country?
  6. Name the five counties corresponding to the five boroughs of New York City.
    • New York (Manhattan)
    • Kings (Brooklyn)
    • Queens
    • Bronx
    • Richmond (Staten Island)

Round 2

  1. What color’s name is taken from the name of a small freshwater bird whose plumage it resembles?
    Teal (after the common teal)
  2. 14 North Moore Street in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan is most notable for its use in what movie franchise?
    Ghostbusters (photo)
  3. What is the largest U.S. state, by population, without a team in one of the four major North American sports leagues?
  4. What song that reached the Billboard #1 spot in 1965 takes most of its lyrics from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes?
    Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)
  5. What item is missing from this group: Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris?
    Pluto (dwarf planets recognized by the International Astronomical Union)
  6. What are the five levels of nobility in the British peerage system?
    • Duke (highest-ranking)
    • Marquess
    • Earl
    • Viscount
    • Baron (lowest-ranking)

Round 3

Given each Weird Al Yankovic parody song title, give the original song title and the name of the artist or band who recorded it.

  1. Amish Paradise
    Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio
  2. Foil
    Royals by Lorde
  3. Gump
    Lump by The Presidents of the United States of America
  4. Handy
    Fancy by Iggy Azalea
  5. I Think I’m a Clone Now
    I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany
  6. I Want a New Duck
    I Want a New Drug by Huey Lewis and the News
  7. It’s All About the Pentiums
    It’s All About the Benjamins by Puff Daddy
  8. Jurassic Park
    MacArthur Park by Richard Harris
  9. My Bologna
    My Sharona by The Knack
  10. Perform This Way
    Born This Way by Lady Gaga
  11. Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
    Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring
  12. Ricky
    Mickey by Toni Basil
  13. Spam
    Stand by R.E.M.
  14. Tacky
    Happy by Pharrell Williams
  15. The Rye or the Kaiser
    The Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
  16. The White Stuff
    You Got It (The Right Stuff) by New Kids on the Block
  17. Trapped in the Drive-Thru
    Trapped in the Closet by R. Kelly
  18. White & Nerdy
    Ridin’ by Chamillionaire
  19. Word Crimes
    Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
  20. Yoda
    Lola by The Kinks

Round 4

  1. Who was the first woman to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination for a role in a science fiction film?
    Sigourney Weaver
  2. What is the anatomical term used by cheesemakers for the holes in certain types of cheese, such as Swiss?
  3. What sports league’s championship trophy is called the Grey Cup?
    Canadian Football League
  4. What U.S. state quarter features the first-ever depiction of royalty on any circulating U.S. coin?
    Hawaii (depicting Kamehameha I)
  5. In Greek and Roman times, costly purple dye reserved for the garments of the aristocracy was derived from what animal?
    Sea snail
  6. Guesstimation: How many stations are there in the New York City subway system (not including the Staten Island Railway)?

Round 5

  1. What is the largest commercial passenger airport, by land area, in the United States?
    Denver International Airport (53 square miles; approximately the size of Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  2. From 1309 to 1377, the Roman Catholic Papacy was based not in Rome but in what French city?
  3. According to the U.S. Census, what state has the highest percentage of residents who speak a language other than English at home?
    California (estimated 43.8% in 2013)
  4. Which of the Final Four schools in this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament is the oldest?
    University of North Carolina (chartered 1789)
  5. What constellation appears on the flags of Australia and New Zealand?
    Southern Cross
  6. In the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, what was the name of Calvin’s imaginary alter-ego as a space adventurer?
    Spaceman Spiff

Final question (Category: Games)

The best-selling pinball machine of all time was based on what 1991 comedy film?
The Addams Family (over 20,000 machines sold)