Bacchus trivia, March 17, 2015

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Round 1

  1. What restaurant chain offers a menu item called the Rooty Tooty Fresh ’N Fruity?
  2. What seven-letter word meaning “health” in Irish Gaelic is commonly used as a toast? Correct spelling required!
  3. The Fields Medal is a prize awarded every four years in what academic area?
  4. What was the original name of JFK Airport in New York City?
    Idlewild Airport (also acceptable: Major General Alexander E. Anderson Airport)
  5. What six team names are used by multiple teams in the four major North American sports leagues?
    • Cardinals (Arizona NFL, St. Louis MLB)
    • Giants (New York NFL, San Francisco MLB)
    • Jets (New York NFL, Winnipeg NHL)
    • Kings (Los Angeles NHL, Sacramento NBA)
    • Panthers (Carolina NFL, Florida NHL)
    • Rangers (New York NHL, Texas MLB)
  6. At what type of event would you be most likely to hear a piece of classical music called “Entrance of the Gladiators”?
    The circus (heard here)

Round 2

  1. What naval rank is also a term for a flag identifying the nationality of a ship?
  2. What is the name of the Dublin brewery founded in 1759 that produces Guinness Stout?
    St. James’s Gate Brewery
  3. Who is the only female historical figure to appear on a U.S. state quarter, and on which state quarter does she appear?
    Helen Keller; Alabama
  4. The 1993 Ice Cube song “It Was a Good Day” mentions an NBA game between what two teams?
    • Los Angeles Lakers
    • Seattle SuperSonics
  5. What make and model of car was the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard?
    Dodge Charger
  6. What 2012 movie set the all-time record for opening weekend revenues at over $207 million?
    Marvel’s The Avengers

Round 3

Answer each of the crossword-style clues below. All answers are four letters long.

  1. Sean Astin title role
  2. Wax-coated Dutch cheese
  3. National language of Pakistan
  4. The Bell HU–1A, informally
  5. Gorilla who speaks sign language
  6. 11 West 53rd Street in Manhattan
  7. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar alma mater
  8. Penguin from the Sunday funnies
  9. Michael Caine’s big break
  10. Montreal hockey team, informally
  11. 1940s Japanese prime minister
  12. City formerly called Christiania
  13. They brought us Sharknado
  14. Southern neighbor of Libya
  15. Helmsman Hikaru
  16. 1979 album by Fleetwood Mac
  17. Sega Genesis cetacean
  18. 1958 Best Picture musical
  19. Agent Lana of Archer
  20. Patton Oswalt animated role
  21. Rare combo of four showbiz awards
  22. Heidi Klum’s ex-husband
  23. Venetian noble or Internet meme
  24. 1948 Alfred Hitchcock film
  25. Guinness record goal scorer

Round 4

  1. What does the Brix scale measure?
    Concentration of sugar solutions
  2. In 1923, what poet became the first Irish winner of the Nobel Prize?
    William Butler Yeats
  3. What does “DC” in “DC Comics” stand for?
    Detective Comics
  4. What are the only two NFL teams to play each other in the Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons?
    • Buffalo Bills
    • Dallas Cowboys
    Super Bowls XXVII (January 31, 1993) and XXVIII (January 30, 1994)
  5. What was the most recent film produced outside the United States to win the Oscar for Best Picture? (Referring to the nationality of the production company, not to filming locations or the like.)
    The Artist
  6. What were the code names of the five beachheads of the D-Day invasion?
    • Gold
    • Juno
    • Omaha
    • Sword
    • Utah

Round 5

  1. At the 44th Academy Awards in 1972, what honorary Oscar awardee received a 12-minute standing ovation, the longest in Oscar history?
    Charlie Chaplin
  2. Ireland was known to the ancient Romans by what Latin name?
  3. What microscopic unit of measurement, equal to a tenth of a nanometer, is also the last name of a character in several John Updike novels?
  4. What chain of pizzerias was founded in 1977 by Nolan Bushnell, one of the co-founders of Atari?
    Chuck E. Cheese’s
  5. What city did London surpass in the mid-19th century as the largest city in the world?
  6. AT&T is being removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Average later this week. What stock is replacing it?

Final question (Category: Cocktails)

What notoriously labor-intensive cocktail is named after the New Orleans bartender who invented it in 1888?
Ramos gin fizz