Bacchus trivia, January 28, 2014

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Round 1

  1. In two-way radio communication, “wilco” is a contraction of what two-word phrase?
    Will comply
  2. What numbered streets form the northern and southern boundaries of Manhattan’s Central Park?
    • 59th Street
    • 110th Street
  3. Name the three spinoff series of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, each named for its respective main character.
    • Rhoda
    • Phyllis
    • Lou Grant
  4. The crusty bottom layer of what dish is known as “socarrat”?
  5. What planet in the solar system has the shortest day?
    Jupiter (9.9 hours)
  6. The largest collection of Renaissance paintings in the world is held in what museum in Florence, Italy?
    The Uffizi Gallery

Round 2

  1. The Bugs Bunny cartoon What’s Opera, Doc? parodies the works of what composer?
    Richard Wagner
  2. What party game distributed by Hasbro carries the tagline “The game of unspeakable fun”?
  3. According to the American Brewers Association, what is the largest craft brewery in New York State?
    F.X. Matt Brewing Company
  4. What actor, born in 1943 and knighted in 2001, was originally named Krishna Pandit Bhanji?
    Sir Ben Kingsley
  5. Guesstimation: how many feet apart are the uprights on an NFL goalpost?
    18½ feet
  6. What five books of the Old Testament make up the Torah?
    • Genesis
    • Exodus
    • Leviticus
    • Numbers
    • Deuteronomy

Round 3

Listed below are the titles of various American movies, as translated for foreign markets, then translated back into English (provided as hints are the language of the translation and the year of original English release). Give the original titles for each film.

  1. A Very Crazy Dead Man (1989, Portugal)
    Weekend at Bernie’s
  2. A Very Powerful Whale Runs to Heaven (1993, China)
    Free Willy
  3. American Virgin Man (1999, Hong Kong)
    American Pie
  4. Captain Supermarket (1992, Japan)
    Army of Darkness
  5. Held by Wind in Montana (1998, Japan)
    The Horse Whisperer
  6. His Great Device Makes Him Famous (1997, China)
    Boogie Nights
  7. I Will Marry a Prostitute to Save Money (1990, China)
    Pretty Woman
  8. If You Leave Me, I Delete You (2004, Italy)
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  9. I’m Drunk and You’re a Prostitute (1995, Japan)
    Leaving Las Vegas
  10. It’s Raining Falafel (2009, Israel)
    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  11. Just Send Him to University Unqualified (1983, China)
    Risky Business
  12. Labor Trip (2010, Portugal)
    Due Date
  13. Love Is in the Sky (1986, Israel)
    Top Gun
  14. Pigs and Diamonds (2000, Mexico)
  15. Santa Is a Pervert (2003, Czech Republic)
    Bad Santa
  16. Slightly Pregnant (2007, Peru)
    Knocked Up
  17. The Gun Died Laughing (1988, Israel)
    The Naked Gun
  18. This Hit Man Is Not as Cold as He Thought (1994, China)
    Leon: The Professional
  19. Urban Neurotic (1977, Germany)
    Annie Hall
  20. Vaseline (1978, Argentina)

Round 4

  1. Bruxism is a behavior involving what part of the human body?
    Teeth (chronic grinding or clenching of teeth)
  2. The 1996 film Twister is notable for what technological first?
    First major film released on DVD
  3. Many archaeologists believe that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a meteor strike off the coast of what present-day country?
  4. What candy bar was named for one of the favorite horses of candy magnate Frank Mars?
  5. Name the only two Confederate state capitals not captured by Union forces during the Civil War.
    • Tallahassee, FL
    • Austin, TX
  6. What television personality was the first person to portray Ronald McDonald?
    Willard Scott

Round 5

  1. What unit of measurement corresponds to the Earth’s approximate average distance from the sun?
    Astronomical unit
  2. What is the only U.S. state whose flag is not square or rectangular?
  3. What type of leather used in shoemaking is made from hide from the hindquarters of horses?
  4. In Finland, the postal code 99999 is designated for what special recipient?
    Santa Claus
  5. Who won an Emmy in 1992 for his appearance on The Simpsons as Krusty the Clown’s father?
    Jackie Mason
  6. The Beatles played their last official concert in August 1966 in what city?
    San Francisco

Final question (Category: Literature)

What 1969 novel has the subtitle The Children’s Crusade?