Bacchus trivia, October 29, 2013

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Round 1

  1. What is the name of the vineyard that provides Trader Joe’s with the line of wines known colloquially as “Two Buck Chuck”?
    Charles Shaw
  2. What are the first names of the four lead characters on The Golden Girls?
    • Blanche
    • Dorothy
    • Rose
    • Sophia
  3. What medical journal founded in 1823 is named for a type of double-bladed scalpel?
    The Lancet
  4. In the American Film Institute’s 2003 lists of top 50 film heroes and top 50 villains, what is the only movie with a character in the top 10 on both lists?
    The Silence of the Lambs
  5. What type of hors d’oeuvre, generally consisting of a small piece of toast with toppings, is named for the French word for a couch or sofa?
  6. The shortest verse in the King James Bible consists of what two words?
    “Jesus wept.”

Round 2

  1. In Morse Code, what letter is represented by a single dot?
  2. The tallest building in Albany is named after what 11-term mayor of that city?
    Erastus Corning
  3. The Standard Reference Method is a system used by brewers to measure what property of their beer?
  4. Name the only two women to have a Billboard #1 single and a Best Actress Academy Award.
    • Barbra Streisand
    • Cher
  5. “I would prefer not to” is the refrain of what Herman Melville title character?
  6. What is the only U.S. state whose current flag has different designs on the front and back?

Round 3

Name the sports team (or for NCAA teams, the school) corresponding to each mascot character.

NCAA football

  1. Bill (a goat)
    U.S. Naval Academy (Midshipmen)
  2. Traveler (a horse)
    University of Southern California (Trojans)
  3. Ralphie (a bison)
    University of Colorado (Buffaloes)
  4. Rameses (a ram)
    University of North Carolina Tarheels


  1. Baxter (a bobcat)
    Arizona Diamondbacks
  2. Orbit (an alien)
    Houston Astros
  3. Screech (an eagle)
    Washington Nationals
  4. Stomper (an elephant)
    Oakland Athletics


  1. Chomps (a dog)
    Cleveland Browns
  2. T-Rac (a raccoon)
    Tennessee Titans
  3. Toro (a bull)
    Houston Texans
  4. Who Dey (a tiger)
    Cincinnati Bengals


  1. Hooper (a horse)
    Detroit Pistons
  2. Rocky (a mountain lion)
    Denver Nuggets
  3. Rumble (a bison)
    Oklahoma City Thunder
  4. Slamson (a lion)
    Sacramento Kings


  1. Al (an octopus)
    Detroit Red Wings
  2. Gnash (a sabre-toothed tiger)
    Nashville Predators
  3. Spartacat (a lion)
    Ottawa Senators
  4. Youppi (a hairy orange giant)
    Montreal Canadiens

Non-sports bonus question

What’s the name of this mascot from the computing world?


Round 4

  1. Fashion designer Jason Wu is most famous for creating dresses for whom?
    Michelle Obama
  2. Henry, Happy, Homer, and Harry are characters in what game?
    Hungry Hungry Hippos
  3. Three answers, two points each. What are the three USDA grades of beef sold to retail customers?
    • Select
    • Choice
    • Prime
  4. A 1940 sci-fi story titled “Farewell to the Master” was adapted into what 1951 film and its 2008 remake?
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
  5. What common modern-day cocktail was originally named the Kangaroo?
    Vodka martini
  6. Three answers, five points each. Name the three geological periods making up the Mesozoic Era, also known as the “Age of Dinosaurs”.
    • Triassic
    • Jurassic
    • Cretaceous

Round 5

  1. In what game would you find a character nicknamed “Cavity Sam”?
  2. What was the name of Bryan Cranston’s recurring character on Seinfeld?
    Tim Whately
  3. What 19th-century novel is subtitled The Modern Prometheus?
  4. What is the most abundant metallic element in the human body?
  5. What U.S. candy was first released in England in 1959 under the name “Opal Fruits”?
  6. U.S. law states that liquor labeled as “straight bourbon” must be barrel-aged at least how long?
    Two years

Final question (Category: International food)

The crusty bottom layer of what dish is known as socarrat?