Bacchus trivia, April 30, 2013

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Round 1

  1. A Monkey’s Fist, a Turk’s Head, and a Solomon Bar are all types of what?
  2. From 1968 to 2000, members of the Directors Guild of America who did not want their names attached to a movie used what pseudonym in the credits?
    Alan Smithee
  3. In the original Apple II game The Oregon Trail, what three professions could you choose to play as?
    • Banker
    • Carpenter
    • Farmer
  4. In baseball, “Uncle Charlie” is a nickname for what?
  5. What two U.S. states border one another in the Atlantic Ocean but not on land?
    • New York
    • Rhode Island
  6. Who was the first guest star to appear on The Simpsons as him- or herself, rather than as the voice of a fictional character?
    Tony Bennett (in “Dancin’ Homer”, season 2 episode 5)

Round 2

  1. What was the first state to join the U.S. after the original 13 colonies?
  2. What is the name of the intelligence test given to players at the NFL Scouting Combine?
  3. What three-word phrase does “ZIP” stand for in “ZIP code”?
    Zone Improvement Plan
  4. The longest-distance non-stop commercial flight in the world connects what two cities?
    • Newark, NJ (New York, NY acceptable)
    • Singapore
    (Singapore Airlines flights 21/22; the flights were discontinued in November 2013)
  5. What is the name of the character controlled by the player in the Nintendo game “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”? Bonus: what is the alternate name of the Mike Tyson character in that game?
    Little Mac (bonus: Mr. Dream)
  6. What chemical substance was known to medieval alchemists as “oil of vitriol”?
    Sulfuric acid

Round 3

For each given place name, provide the name by which that place is currently known. For example, New AmsterdamNew York.

  1. Persia
  2. Siam
  3. Leningrad
    Saint Petersburg
  4. New Spain
  5. Bombay
  6. Saigon
    Ho Chi Minh City
  7. Abyssinia
  8. Spanish East Indies
  9. Ceylon
    Sri Lanka
  10. East Pakistan
  11. Upper Peru
  12. French Sudan
  13. Edo
  14. British Honduras
  15. North Tarrytown
    Sleepy Hollow

Round 4

  1. Who was the first real person depicted on a U.S. coin?
    Abraham Lincoln (in 1909, the centennial of his birth)
  2. What are the two cheapest properties on the Monopoly board?
    • Mediterranean Avenue
    • Baltic Avenue
  3. Name the three signs of the Chinese zodiac that are not mammals.
    • Dragon
    • Snake
    • Rooster
  4. What U.S. state has the highest per-capita prison incarceration rate?
  5. What is the nickname of the day of the year on which James Joyce’s novel Ulysses is set? Bonus: what day is it?
    Bloomsday (bonus: June 16)
  6. Named after a 17th-century Italian physician, what is the act of clearing one’s ears by breathing out with the mouth and nose held shut?
    Valsalva maneuver

Round 5

  1. What metal is combined with pure silver to produce sterling silver?
  2. What was removed from the Mister Potato Head toy kit in 1987?
    His pipe
  3. In the American Civil War, the first and second battles of Bull Run were known by what name in the Confederacy?
  4. Released in 1963, the soft drink Patio was renamed the following year as what?
    Diet Pepsi
  5. “Lou Seal” is the mascot of what professional sports team?
    San Francisco Giants
  6. What is the SI/metric unit expressing the strength of magnetic fields?

Final question (Category: Los Angeles)

What is the largest group of people collectively recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
The Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz (of whom there were approximately 134)