Bacchus trivia, January 8, 2013

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Round 1

  1. What is the largest Canadian province (not territory) by land area?
  2. What two NFL teams’ logos contain images of weapons?
    • Oakland Raiders
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    (also acceptable: Kansas City Chiefs, whose logo contains an outline of an arrowhead)
  3. What European brewery’s name forms part of the Latin name of a strain of lager yeast?
    Carlsberg (saccharomyces carlsbergensis)
  4. The song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” was originally written for what 1946 Disney film?
    Song of the South
  5. What are the five stages of grief in the Kübler-Ross model?
    • Denial
    • Anger
    • Bargaining
    • Depression
    • Acceptance
  6. Mozart’s last symphony has what astronomical nickname?

Round 2

  1. What color name in English comes from an Urdu word meaning “soil-colored” or “dusty”?
  2. In baseball statistics, what does the acronym WHIP stand for?
    Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched
  3. In what city was President William McKinley assassinated?
    Buffalo, NY
  4. California Gray, Plymouth Rock, Jersey Giant, and Scots Dumpy are types of what?
  5. In 2004, this author had a voice cameo on The Simpsons, depicted in cartoon form with a paper bag over his head.
    Thomas Pynchon
  6. The Whiskey Rebellion took place from 1791 to 1794 in what U.S. state?

Round 3

Given each list of ingredients, list the cocktail that is made with them. For example, Gin, dry vermouth, oliveMartini.

  1. Champagne, orange juice
  2. Whiskey, vermouth, bitters
  3. Rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk
    Piña colada
  4. Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, lime
  5. Whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white
    Whiskey sour
  6. Vodka, Kahlúa, Coca-Cola
    Black Russian
  7. Bourbon, simple syrup, mint
    Mint julep
  8. Tequila, orange juice, grenadine
    Tequila sunrise
  9. Whiskey, sugar, bitters, orange twist
  10. Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, club soda
    Tom Collins
  11. Rum, lime juice, simple syrup
  12. Tequila, triple sec, lime juice
  13. Gin, lime cordial
  14. Cognac, crème de cacao, cream
    Brandy Alexander
  15. Dark rum, ginger beer, lime
    Dark and Stormy
  16. Sparkling wine, peach purée
  17. Rye whiskey, sugar, absinthe, Peychaud’s bitters
  18. White and dark rum, orange curaçao, orgeat, lime juice
    Mai tai
  19. Gin, Campari, sweet vermouth
  20. Vodka, Galliano, orange juice
    Harvey Wallbanger
  21. Gin, lime juice, club soda
    Gin rickey
  22. Scotch, sweet vermouth, bitters
    Rob Roy
  23. Cognac, lemon juice, triple sec
  24. Gin, Angostura bitters
    Pink gin
  25. White wine, crème de cassis

Round 4

  1. Cyanoacrylate is better known to consumers as what?
    Super Glue
  2. What are the northernmost and southernmost teams in the National Hockey League?
    • Edmonton Oilers
    • Florida Panthers
  3. What tradition in the British Royal Navy ended on July 31, 1970?
    Issue of a daily rum ration
  4. What was the last movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture and be the top-grossing film that year?
    The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  5. What two Cabinet departments were established during Lyndon Johnson’s Presidency?
    • Housing and Urban Development
    • Transportation
  6. What is the purpose of a Brannock Device?
    Measuring shoe size

Round 5

  1. The English word “grenade” is derived from a foreign word for what fruit?
    Pomegranate (from French grenade)
  2. What are the four tournaments in the tennis Grand Slam?
    • Australian Open
    • French Open
    • Wimbledon
    • U.S. Open
  3. Citrine is a yellowish quartz crystal sometimes sold as a substitute for what birthstone?
    Topaz (for November)
  4. What is the only country other than the United States with a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in its navy?
    France (the Charles de Gaulle)
  5. In what state is the real hotel used for exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel in the film The Shining?
    Oregon (the Timberline Lodge, in Mount Hood National Forest)
  6. The first recorded usage of the phrase “one fell swoop” is found in what Shakespeare play?

Final question (Category: Soft drinks)

Until 1950, what soft drink contained the mood-stabilizing drug lithium citrate?
7-Up (its full original name: “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”)